2018, wrapped

As the new year swiftly approaches, we reflect on 2018, taking a moment to truly appreciate the buyers and sellers who have contributed to our 12th year of success.

There are many unspoken reasons our clients come to us with their sentimental valuables.

One thing they always share, however, is the subconscious motivation to feel liberated. Whether it’s liberation from a material possession, or it’s purging negative emotions from the past… each person and piece have a story.

We wanted to share a few of our favorite pieces from 2018, in hope of motivating you to create space for your inspirations in 2019. Enjoy browsing through these noteworthy items, and just remember that we are here to help should you choose to free up what is no longer serving you.

Thank you for your business. Warmest wishes for a Festive Holiday Season from all of us here at Gray's!


Blue Abstract
Robert Natkin
Sold for $7,500

Pour Versailles
Henri Matisse
Sold for $8,000

Julian Stanczak
Sold for $15,000

Queen of Philosophy
Rimi Yang
Sold for $6,500

Huntsman and Hounds
John Willis-Good
Sold for $7,000

The Birds Of America
John James Audubon
Sold for $27,000

German Silver Tea and Coffee Service
J.D. Schleissner Sohne, Hanau
Sold for $6,500

Group Three Turkish Wool Rugs
Sold for $7,000

Dresine na Nadrizi
Kamil Lhotak
Sold for $36,000

Large Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Basin
Sold for $8,500

Winter Night
Viktor Schreckengost
Sold for $4,500

14kt. White Gold and Diamond Drop Pendant Necklace
Sold for $9,000

The Butternut Tree
Asher Brown Durand
Sold for $35,000

Platinum Diamond and Emerald Ring
Sold for $55,000