A Federal Style Chandelier

A Federal Style Chandelier


A late 19th/ early 20th century Federal Style Chandelier constructed of gilt finished brass and glass. The two tiered chandelier accommodates a total of eighteen lights, with six lights over twelve . The lights are mounted on eagle head arms. An acanthus leaf motif appears throughout. The finish is gilt metal. This magnificent Federal Style Chandelier stands at 57 inches tall and is a striking decorative element.  It was previously displayed in the grand foyer of an early 20th century mansion.

Federal Era

During the Federal period, there is a movement away from the elaborate carving and rococo curves and flourishes previously found on furniture, silver, and other objects. Pieces tend to be smaller and lighter for both practical and aesthetic reasons. Social life of the period is characterized by a greater degree of informality, so that furniture is rearranged in rooms as the occasion and the company require. As in the architecture, classical figures, festoons, urns, and bellflowers are all freely used in the decorative arts. In the later years of the Federal period (1810-1830), furniture becomes heavier, and rather than merely borrowing motifs from the classical age, forms are copied wholesale. Three dimensional carving also makes a reappearance, with caryatids, dolphins, and eagles in abundance.

Federal Style

Describing this chandelier as ‘Federal Style’ clearly defines it as being from a more modern era.  Architects and interior designers from the early 20th century borrowed heavily from their earlier American, European and Asian counterparts.  The Jazz Age era gave birth to any number of re-interpretations of earlier styles of architecture and decor, as well as the unique decor the early 20th century is known for.


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