The Art Gallery at Gray’s

The art gallery is housed in the light filled lobby of the showrooms at Gray’s, the fine art auction house in Cleveland, Ohio. The owners Deba Gray & Serena Harragin have created a space for our exhibited artists to gain maximum exposure for their work while preserving the atmosphere of a traditional art gallery space.  We are committed to introducing new work from both established and emerging artists to our buyers and collectors. Some of the artists will be local Clevelanders and others will be nationally or internationally known.

Current Exhibit

Stephen Calhoun – The Grasp of Order

Exhibition closes October 29, 2016. The Gallery at Gray’s and Stephen Calhoun are delighted to announce their support for Spaces Gallery – the venerable, non-profit, artist-run, alternative space gallery for artists on Cleveland’s west side. 10% of all sales in October will benefit Spaces Gallery Capital Campaign. This will help provide funds for the renovation of their new gallery in Cleveland’s Hingetown neighborhood on Detroit Ave.

Artist’s Statement

My art’s goal is to first grip the viewer, and next draw he or she into exploration, and into surprising experience. The pieces present deep opportunities for visual serendipity by compelling the viewer to engage pattern seeking, conjure visual relationships, uncover symbols and archetypes in a piece’s representational folds.

Pareidolia (the grasp of order) is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognizable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.

I do not create images to pre-program the viewer’s experience. Rather, the engaged viewer completes the image’s possible program by virtue of that which blooms in his or her own unique sensate encounter and visual experience. At its core, my artistic intention is to reveal the truth of spontaneous experience.

Each piece captures an experimental result. The viewer’s unique encounter with, and experience of, this result completes the experiment.

Stephen Calhoun, September 2015