Enoch-Henryk Glicenstein, Portrait of a Woman

Enoch-Henryk Glicenstein, Portrait of a Woman

  • Enoch-Henryk Glicenstein (1870-1942)

  • Title: Portrait of a Woman

  • Medium: watercolor

  • Signature: signed lower left

  • Dimensions: H: 30in x W: 24in


In good condition. Beautifully framed behind glass.

Enoch-Henryk Glicenstein (1870-1942)

Born in 1870 in Turek, Poland, his father worked as a teacher and monumental mason. At a young age, Glicenstein worked in Łódź as a sign painter and wood carver. He was interested in becoming a Rabbi, however in 1896 after studying at the Royal Bavarian Academy of Art, he moved to Rome with his wife Helena Hirszenberg, where be became known as “Enrico.” In the 1920s he was exhibiting work in Venice, Rome, and London, moving to America in 1928. After his death in 1942, his son Emanuel, also a painter, moved to Israel and became noted for his works. 

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